Saturday, April 16, 2011

Hmm... I always have problems with drawing background. Not that I can't draw the landscape, if drawing it separately it's fine. But when it comes to a full work, with characters in there, my brain suddenly be empty just like the white space behinds my characters.
Does anyone meet with difficulties the same with me?

Sorry I didn't update my blog much recently, I'm thinking about making a small self-project, like "draw something everyday", kind of. Hmm...

OK. Will be less lazy, I promise!


  1. Well, your problem is also everyone's problem, so I guess you shouldn't let it bother your drawing inspiration. Beside that, I think that "self-project" is a good idea, sketchy everything everyday might help you improve your skill. However, I suggest you doing it like a pro (yeah, a pro, dear, 'cause what you're doing now is just the mere things and sooner it will make you loose ).

    Yah, that's all I want to say. Sorry for the bad words but I do hope you could get back to the old spontaneous of yours. Good day and good luck! I'll keep watching you on dA. :)

  2. it would be wonderful to see one of your drawings every day.