Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Like a Flower
Scheherazade from Trinity Blood

- Pencils, cotton bud
- A4 Canson paper

Here comes Scheherazade again, this is a commission from Alexandra. Feel like I understand why she loves Scheherazade this much ~ I'm starting in love with her, too.

I've just recognized, pencil drawing takes too much more time than watercolors since you have to fill over the whole drawing with the thin shading lines. My hand got numb *sob sob*
Btw, I got a new scanner, it can show more details than the old one, but I can't wipe the paper texture. OK, have to accept it like an interesting advantage!

Line with some hair shading.

Rough sketch.


  1. The paper texture just adds even more depth to the drawing--it literally enriches it. Great work! I love your art. :)

  2. Im amazed for such detailed Hair , is full of moviment
    love your process of work <3

  3. Stunning work, she's beautiful!
    Lovely lineart and shading~