What kind of paper/s, pencil/s, ink/s do you use?
- Paper: Daler Rowney (Langton) 300gsm
- Pencil: Mechanical 2B 0.5mm
- Ink: Chinese ink, pigment ink

What's the size of your works ? What paper-size is most comfortable for you to work on?

- I used to work on many sizes, but the size that most comfortable to me is A5.

What is your least favorite step in making a picture (like making line-art, prep, painting, etc, which do you hate doing)?
- Scanning!

How do you keep your pieces from smudging?
- Put a piece of paper under my pinky.

Some tips on taking care of tools?
- Ask someone else. My cats destroy my tools and I have to buy new ones continuously (an adding reason to buy cheap tools).

Can you remember what first inspired you to become an artist?
- My grandfather. He was my first and only teacher. However, he taught me about herbs more than art.

Where do you get your inspiration? (Apart from friends and family who has been your biggest inspiration?)
- Music. I usually listen to music when drawing, sometimes there is a piece of song or an impressing melody replaying in my mind again and again and I draw that wandering thing.

How did you get into watercolors? Did you start with something else before?
- I have drawn digital arts before starting with traditional ones, and after that I don’t want to back to digital art any more. Watercolor is an addictive thing. Brushes, color sets, paper and pattern paper themselves inspire me a lot.

Do you use direct references when making anything?

- I rarely use reference. I am lazy and don’t also like to use them. No matter you draw right or wrong, just you like drawing like this or like that. Right or wrong is just for teachers marking entrance test to your Art University. I just use reference for hands, legs, pose or angles by looking at the mirror or having someone pose for me.

How do you practice?
- I don’t “practice”. You can’t call it “practice” when you are doing something you like, such as listening to music or watching films. Drawing is the same for me.

How often do you draw and for how long at a time? How many hours do you draw a day?
- A whole day, indeed.

How long does it take to draw a picture?
- I do various drawings at the same time to avoid making myself bored when one lasts so long.

Do you have Art-blocks too? What do you do to get out of an art block?
- Anybody has it. When an art-block happens, I will wear headphones and go sleeping. After I get up, everything becomes okay.

It must be hard when continue working until picture finish, do you have any recommend for fellow artist?
- I know it's so hard to continue drawing a (detailed) picture until finishing it while the laziness is everywhere, it depends on your diligence, how much you love your ideas and how deep your concentration is. In my opinion, draw whatever you like, draw what you like more if there are many ideas in your mind, and draw what inspires you most. So, you can keep your enthusiasm for all day long ~

Do you've any resource or book recommend for further study?
- I didn't follow any official art-class, neither nor art-book. All I've done to reach here today just is viewing many many images in DA, on internet with various sources and random links, or buying numerous artbooks of all the artists I like.

Do you plan to do some comic or graphic novel?
- I used to draw a series of children comic for company. But they're in different style and published only Vietnamese with copyright, so I can't share it on internet.


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