Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pencil doodle on a very hot noon.
She's a girl in Korean TV series my mom watching, I've run away immediately then, but her image was already stuck in my head ~


  1. Số phận bị đánh cắp đúng k anh :-? nhìn giống lắm <3

  2. Ohhh, which drama? ;)

    She's a very pretty girl, yet something of her eyes made me instantly think ”alien” for some reason. XD No wonder she stuck with you!

  3. I love her hairstyle!
    My mom watches soap operas too... In Filipino instead of Korean, though. They're always so cheesy!

  4. @...Hane...: Thank you ~ ♥

    @Tsuki Takashi: Sao nhận ra hay vậy O_o

    @Tiff: Wishing to be stuck with her, haha. Such a beautiful woman (I'm talking about the actress)

    @Hezoo: Agree ´___` When my mom doesn't want me fooling around, she just plays the Korean TV series...

  5. chuyện :-j em cũng xem mà :-j film đấy hay! các bà nội trợ hay xem lắm :))cả nhà e từ lớn đến bé xem hết :))
    cũng tại anh vẽ giống quá nên nhận ra ngay :-bd

  6. I love all of your pictures! You do have great talent!
    What do you think of making a tutorial once?