Sunday, December 11, 2011

Colored sketch for quidam87
Watercolors on A4 Canson paper.

And Feudalist has just sent me a picture of my works were put in the very beautiful frames, this made my day! Thanks a lot ♥


  1. I love your skill in watercolour.
    You did great job with her hair and dress :)

  2. Heyheyhey I hope you do get round to reading this comment! Even though this entry is a few days old!

    Anyway, I really loved this colored sketch of the girl with the flaming hair. There's a dynamic feel to the whole thing, what with her hair and the flames, but the best part is her dress; it's predominantly green and black, but the way you put that pale orange as an undercoat made it really stand out, and contrasted well with the green.


  3. @Tiff: Heheh thank you! ♥ Quidam87 let it up to me to choose the color for her character's dress, so, there's my favorite color green ~