Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Scheherazade from Trinity blood, commissioned from Alexandra Bowker.
I used yellow pastel to pop the background, my favorite color, I'd love to use it a lot : )

Rough Sketch

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  1. Truthfully talking, Clap-san, I like your traditional pieces of art much better than your digital ones. Hence, since the beginning of this summer, when you started doing a lot of digital art, I've been waiting for you old style works.
    This piece... the choice of yellow is brilliant. However, pastel... I must say that, it turns me off.
    The strong texture created by the pastel greatly dims if not cancels out your pencilled character.
    From my humble perspective, this piece can be improved by softening and lightening the pastel background. You may as well consider darken the lines used on the character to make it more outstanding.

    Glad seeing that you're still trying to improve your skills with digital art :) All the best and well, try harder and smarter.