Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Some of my newest commissions.
I won't upload all of them to Deviantart, maybe just here.


  1. hii *v*
    amazing art

    your art is fantastic
    I'm a fan of your art that you write from chile, good long time I did you a gift, a drawing is not if you remember, was called "flower girl" and teach you in deviantart.
    I am glad to see this sketch, it's always a pleasure to see your art

    Have a nice day


  2. Ư, có mấy cái đẹp nà >,.<

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  4. You know , I am indeed very eager to see your new works , since there are always new ideas and the skill is getting sharpened by the day . Although, unfortunately , don't you think that they are a bit alike this time ? I mean , not that I can draw or anything , but I just see it that way.
    Great work , anyway .